Monday, August 27, 2007


My friend just got laid. My friend, a striking older woman with a laugh as loud and bawdy as a bunch of sailors after a 12 pack of cigarettes and a few bottles of Johnny Walker, got her grrrroove on with a milonguero. From her glow, I'd say he gave her a rockin' good time. I'm so proud of her.

But it took a while to get to this state of post-polvo (post-orgasm) bliss. Lemme 'splain old-school, milonguero-style courtin' by reviewing a little of the basics of the birds and the bees.

My BF has a courting theory based on genetics and evolution. He says that women are built to "hacer la luchita", or to play hard to get. It helps the propagation of the fittest species. Who wants to get laid by, or god-forbid, have offspring with someone too eager and desperate? Desperation is soooo NOT a turn-on. Eeeewwww. Go AWAY! We want men who are willing to work a little bit, and then know when they need to back off, and, if necessary, to have enough of a backbone to tell us to "andar a la reputa que nos repario" (literally: to go to the very slutty mother that gave us birth twice over" or to go fuck off), but in a nice, gentlemanly way, like Rhett Butler: Frankly, Graciela, a mi no me importa.

An avid Animal Planet and Discovery Channel watcher, he cites observations of crocodile courting behavior as proof that all animals have this little tango dance o' love before the van starts a-rockin'. The male crocodile follows the female around in the water, nudges her a little bit with his nose, swims little circles around her, splashes the water with his tail to show how big and bad he know, typical testosterone-driven behavior. The female of course, being female and proper and well-brought-up with good breeding, snubs him. This goes on for a week until, when he's pretty much ready to throw in the towel (my BF's assessment and wierd segway (sp?) into explaining human behavior), she finally gives in, has little crocodilos, and then, of course, suffers from the baby daddy's up and leaving her. But that's for another blog note. Let's focus on the romance, people!

Female homosapiens, it seems, are no different than the crocodilas. We, too, play hard-to-get...for the most part...except for that one time in Spain when...oh, and then, there's that guy I met at that club in college...oh, yeah, the guy at the airport. In general, we like feeling desired. That's part of the fun of the milonga, too, isn't it? It's gosh-darn primal. Feeling our power to attract los machos, getting dressed up to go out and play the field, even if it an imaginary field that only exists for 2 or 3 hours. It's fun, that frisky singleton feeling.

However, there is an art to the "luchita" (the little fight). There is only a certain period of time a guy or crocodile or ape (Hmmm...are these things synonymous?) will put up with a woman's flirtatious rejections. Sure, he'll make a pest of himself, teasing, cajoling, practically seducing you with his dance for a while, but, after a while, he'll suddenly turn to ice. I mean, once it gets to this point, he may very well ignore the woman at the milonga, so she can just forget about looking at him. Hmph! This has happened to many women I know at the milonga and yours truly, of course.

Now, if she only saw him as a pest, good riddance. BUT _IF_ she had been interested in him, it's time for her to stop the playing around, time for the cazada (hunted) to be the cazadora (hunter). If the woman works it, and I mean, WORKS it, pulls out all the stops, wears that outrageously expensive Victoria Secret push-up bra, and seduces him, the man will fall. They like to beat their chests and howl at the moon, but, for the most part, they're incredibly easy to get into bed, IF that's what you want to do. And this is, indeed, what my dear friend wanted to do and did.

Back to the story - After my friend turned down his various invitations to go out, he had HAD it. And yet, every time we went out together as a group, she would exhibit the tell-tale "I'm-so-ready-to-throw-down-let's-move-the-furniture" mating signs: leaning into him, laughing at his stupid jokes, etc. It was adorable, damn it. So, she was definitely into him, just letting the luchita get outta hand. How'd she get him back? Goddess-style: SHE invited HIM for coffee. How could he resist?

Now, who knows if this is going to last. Who knows if this is going to be one of those crazy milonga flings people get into. And who the hell cares. My friend was glowing, and we, her friends, basked in her happiness.


La Tanguera said...

You made me smile with your thoughtful, funny and spicy post. Many thanks!

Elizabeth said...

I enjoy these tango tales!

Connie said...

Thanks for the hints on how the chase works. It reminds me of that old saying, "He chase her until she caught him"

Tango Goddess said...

Thanks for your comments. I haven't talked to my friend this past week, so no updates. Plus, I don't want to pry, though I'm just dying for more scoop!

Elizabeth said...

So Where ARE you miss tango jungle? I am hopeful to get together when we are in BA in Novemeber.

Janis in Buenos Aires said...

Tell your friend that the milonga isn't the place to meet a man if you are looking for a relationship. It won't last long. I've been in BsAs long enough (almost 9 years) to see how men and women change relationships regularly. You announce to everyone that you are together by sitting at the same table on Saturday night. Then when they see you seated alone, they know it's over. If your friend is looking for a fling, tell her to have fun while it lasts. He won't be around long. The chase was fun for him, but he can trap the next one just as easily. And then he'll show up where he knows your friend will be to show off his new woman. Afterall, he has to give everyone something to talk about. An Argentine with a foreign girlfriend is definitely good milonga gossip.
And a little motherly advice--tell her to practice safe sex. The men of the milongas have been with everyone (the women, too), and she may get something that she didn't bargain for like HPV. Take it from one who knows.

Connie said...

Please tell us more on the outcome of this story and any other encounters between the species at milongas. I read this post before I went to Buenos Aires in October and have just reread it thinking, oh, you are so right! A man at the milongas wanted to give me a ride home twice. He was always dying to dance with me but after I turned him down for the second ride home he wouldn't look at me again at the next milonga, even though he knew it was my last night. It just killed me because I thought of him as a friend. I couldn't believe he would totally turn to ice just because I didn't let him give me a ride home. I was going out to another club and told him so. I would really like to understand this culture better and any insight would be appreciated so that I don't make errors on my next trip because I don't want to insult people or turn them into enemies.