Thursday, May 01, 2008


Sigh! I just found this funky blog ( that took a load off my mind! I mean, blogging, like dancing, should be fun, not a chore, especially since I'm not being paid for doing either of them! So, I added a new internet doohickie thinging, also known as a widget (I just learned that word. I'm learning a lot of things lately since I started La Vida Vintage!) that proclaims, "Blogging without Obligation." My blogs will be posted when I feel inspired to do so. Nuf said.

You know, they should have a widget for "Dancing without Obligation". My partner and I go dance tango 2x per week, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays. To tell you the truth, I could take or leave tango at this point in my life. Once the dissertation on tango ended, it was like a veil lifted. There IS life beyond tango. Thank goodness! I still get my tango fix a couple of times a week, and I know it's good for da relationship, but that's pretty much it. It's a thing I do, like going to the movies or getting my upper lip waxed.

Now, "Dancing without Obligation" should be plastered all over the milongas to warn those men, both local and foreign, to use the cabeceo instead of walking up to a woman and basically obligating her to dance or to turn his ass down. I feel badly for the guy, but, really, these guys have to learn.


San Telmo Loft said...

Ah... so you have commitment issues and don't want to be obliged to do anything. I hear ya honey. Keep em coming when the mood hits. They're worth waiting for.

Catherine said...

Great Blog! I just read your Wordpress blog too,which is an equally refreshing read. I envy your Tango abilities.